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  • Gravity Forms CSS: Targeting Specific Elements

    The team here at Rocketgenius is about to release Gravity Forms version 1.5 with several new features and enhancements. Along with these new features, we've introduced some new markup and form elements that I'm sure many people will want to style to match their theme. I thought this was a good time to sit down and compile some basic CSS targeting samples for these new elements as well as the other existing form components. This isn't an "end all be all" list or the only way to target these fields, but it's intended to be a starting point for those new to Gravity Forms or new to CSS.

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  • Gravity Forms 1.5 Multi-Page Form Preview

    Here's a quick preview of a multi-page form built in the new Gravity Forms v.1.5. The beta version is now available to developer license holders, and the general release should be coming along after a little more fine tuning and QA work. Stay tuned for goodies like the multi-page forms, textarea counters, pre-built CSS styles for advanced formatting, field calculations and of course, the companion PayPal add-on.
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  • Gravity Forms Mad Lib Style Form Demo

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  • Survey Style Multiple Choice Fields with Gravity Forms

    I've recently seen quite a few questions about how to style radio/multiple choice fields to better emulate a survey or likert scale. You know, "rate your room on a scale of 1-10", "rate your satisfaction", "how important is..", etc read more